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Rivals,' which would have been the next episode of Brimstone to hit the airwaves, has been posted.  Enjoy!


Updated at long last!  We hope to return to bi-weekly updates of the site.  Today, we have a new
Last Day story by Phil Gee.  Reruns of 1st season transcripts will continue with It's a Helluva Life on March 11th, Mourning After on March 25th, and the never seen, shut down just 3 hours into production, next episode of Brimstone.... RIVALS script appearing on this site on April 8th.  So stay tuned!


Brimstone news from the last 6 months...  Well, it's been 6 years now since the show ended.  Sniff.  Terry Polo's movie 'Meet the Fockers' did well at the box office, along side Currie Graham's 'Assult on Precinct 13.' where his character was named Kahane.  He also moved over to the 15th Precinct and joined the cast of 'NYPD Blue' for its final season. 


A new transcript has been posted for the Season One episode, '


A Tribute to Laura Branigan by Greg Lemieux
"If you read my story ESCAPE, you may remember that in the final scene Delores was excited about attending a Laura Branigan concert. There was a reason for that reference."   (
read more)


The Brimstone VS is changing to biweekly updates. 


Currie Graham (Det. Kane) is joining Ethan Hawke, Laurence Fishburne, John Leguizamo, Ja Rule and Brian Dennehy in the remake of John Carpenter’s 1976 film, ‘Assault on  Precinct 13.’  The film is slated for a 2005 release.


Teri Polo (Sgt. Ash) will reprise her role as Pam Byrnes in ‘Meet the Fockers,’ a sequel to the 2000 film ‘Meet the Parents.’  Ben Stiller and Robert DeNiro return as well, and Dustin Hoffman and Barbra Streisand join the cast as Greg Focker’s (Stiller) parents.  About shooting with these well known co-stars, Teri said, “It's crazy. Dustin Hoffman is a five-year-old kid trapped in a grown man's body. And Barbra Streisand has an amazing sense of humor. The director (Jay Roach) thought that I called her a boob, and Barbra laughed. So from then on, I decided that my nickname for her was going to be Boob. She answers to it too - just ask her."  Source: IMdB, 5/21/2004


5 new stories have been added to the
Last Day page. 


ASH KILLED - ABC has unveiled its fall programming schedule, and Teri Polo's show,
I'm With Her, will not be returning. 

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This Week's Episode - Episode #114

Written by Donald Marcus & Fred Golan

Introducing Helen Slater as the new Desk Clerk

The Brimstone episode that could have been, Rivals was shut down three hours into production.  Stills of the one scene which was filmed are inserted into the script.  Enjoy!
Brimstone Trivia #36-
In “Ashes”, Ezekiel Stone mentions the name “Buster”. Who or what
was he referring to?
A. His dog
His cat
The bully who used to beat him up as a kid
His favorite uncle
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